We are not the camera at fixed position, one angle, consumer grade camera, with unexperienced trainee with point-shoot-print, move on Santa shop philosophy. We don't include oversized chairs nor sleighs that overtake or block subject (your child) to gimmick our portraits. 
This is intimate, capture the moment, professional photography.
We hand hold and work around for the best angle and look. Seeking the best expressions. Sometimes from high, sometimes low. Always taking multiple shots to find the best smile, best moment of excitement, taking our time. We cannot guarantee, the timely perfect moment, but we will do our best with years of experience and ticks of the trade to elicit a moment and prints that you'll treasure. 
We also offer the best in prints. Not dye sub prints at malls or ink jets. These are professional lab prints. They will last for years, when you will most appreciate them. We love what we do and strive for the best with each family. And the best part is, we are also priced less than the others.